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We love all of our Funtown families. Here's what they have to say about us!

Funtown Playground is 100% recommended based on the opinion of 34 families.

"Fantastic place, really nice people and a lot of variety in the place spaces so every kid can have fun. Safe environment with toddler height barriers so you don't need to be so hands on watching your kid. Really impressed.” - Leah K.

"This is a business that is proud of who and what they are. A safe, fun, and clean establishment for your littles to play. The staff are caring and always happy to be there. They are constantly make sure everyone is happy and cleaning the play area. They provide complementary coffee, have plenty of storage space for your belongings, and have an actual changing table/room to change diapers. Love that! Also if you are nursing there is a private room for you. My two year old absolutely loves coming here so we buy the month membership and it’s so worth it! We are able to go once a week at a discounted price." - Victoria R.

"If you’re looking for a place to bring your young children this is the place! Family owned, friendly staff and clean. Seems like it was designed to provide a safe environment for kids to explore and play. 10/10 recommend!" - Samantha Q. 

"Such a fun place for my kids to go! So clean and educational! Will be back!" -Carson D.

"She had fun Funtown Playground! Cute little place and very CLEAN. They are constantly going around cleaning the equipment, we will definitely go back!" - Desiree A.

"Love it! Cheap, clean, parent and kid friendly. My daughter didn’t want to leave. 😍😍 she loved it and cried when we left🥺 We will be back." - Davia B.

"Lovely place! Clean, fun, safe. Perfect for kids, great price.  💗" - Nays G.

"I loved having that calm place for nursing when we came. And I loved that the changing table was separate for everything as well. Thank you for creating such a wonderful space all the way around. My family loves Funtown and ask everyday to go." - Audrey R.

"Went to Funtown with a friend and our 4 toddlers. It was so fun, well worth the money, and the details were so on point for both kiddos and parents. The changing table room, nursing room, private bathroom, and complimentary coffee are all amazing and so appreciated by parents! They even have mini high chairs which were perfect for our 1 yr olds as we ate lunch. It was also very clean and stayed organized throughout our visit by parents and the young lady employee. Definitely recommend FP as a perfect indoor play experience for little ones. We will definitely be back!" - Jaime N.

"Such a fun, affordable place for kiddos! My daughter loves playing here!" - Danielle L.

"How cute! We had so much fun yesterday!" - Kelly B.

"My babies loved it there!" - Rebecca S.

"Great and safe environment! Very clean, respectful staff, and most of all my kids had a blast! My 5 year old said her favorite was the seesaw and shopping carts. My 7 year old said she had too much fun and her favorite was the grocery store. I was happy to see my 11 year old son even participating! He said his favorite was the ball pit and gives Funtown 5 stars plus another 5!" - Brandy D.

"My son had a fantastic time! The place was clean. The staff was so kind and helpful. Definitely will return!" - Fernanda D.

"Our kids had a great time, the environment is really clean. The staff was super nice and friendly. My 8 year old loved playing with his 5 year old brother. We can’t wait to go back." - Travis C.

"Great place to take my little one. Clean, safe, and affordable. So glad there's something like this nearby. Planning on doing his next birthday party here." - Karla S.

"We just love being in Funtown Playground, my daughter really feels in a miniature city I feel calm and she is safe! She dream of being there every weekend! Thank you for letting us be in that world of illusion for children!…The project is actually done with a lot of love! Love it! 🥰" - Aleja D.

"Navy is the happiest girl. She loved Funtown Playground . Such a cute cool place to bring the kids!!! And super CLEAN. (if you know me you know I'm a freak about the germs) 😂" - Taylor N.

"We had a playdate yesterday with my 6 and 9-year-olds, and my friend's almost three year old. I was worried that my older kids wouldn't have enough to play with, but they had so much fun. We had such a great time that we came back today with another group of friends. Our group of 5 to 8 year old girls had an absolute blast! I loved that we could sit up front and watch the kids play independently. I also loved that it was Mom owned and kept so clean! We absolutely will be back to play again!" - Melissa R.

"My 18 month old absolutely LOVED this place! There’s so much to do and there’s something for every kid! His favorite part was the car track he loved riding in the little cars to each part of the “town”! He loved it so much we’re looking into having his 2nd birthday party there! Thank you funtown playground!" - Savannah A.

"This was my son birthday party at fun town. They did such an amazing job." - Kiki J.

"My girls had a great time!!" - Victoria H.

"Our daughter loves it at Funtown Playground and so do her parents!" - Jason B.

"We had our son's birthday party there, and it was fantastic! They handle the directions, the drinks, the pizza, the plates and napkins. All you need to bring is the cake. And they do an amazing job decorating to your child's interests and needs. HIGHLY recommend to anyone doing a birthday in the area." - Ryan G.

"Recently brought my boys here to play, and they loved it! I have to say their favorite part was the ball pit, but they thoroughly enjoyed everything. You can play with your kiddos, or have a seat at the picnic benches and watch them play. They have mini high chairs as well, so even the littles can sit and have a snack. We will definitely be back!" - Tabitha A.

"My granddaughter just loves this place! Imaginative play is her favorite & she enjoyed exploring all of the different areas. The staff is so friendly. Everything is clean & beautiful. Nice touch to have private diaper changing room & nursing room. We plan to go often!" -Lisa J.

"This place is awesome!!! If we could come every day, we would. SUPER kind owners, and a clean, fun, educational experience for the little ones. I can’t explain how happy I am that this place opened. We can’t wait to go back. Thank you guys for the great opening today! ❤️" - Hannah C.

"Thank you Funtown Playground for an amazing and stress free party! You can tell you and your team are parents…..everything is organized with families in mind. Kids of all ages had a blast. We highly recommend this venue for children’s parties. 😊" - Amber E.

"Grace had such a fun time at Funtown Playground 😍 we will definitely be coming back frequently!!! Thank you for all you did to make this amazing place for kids! ❤️" - Samantha D.

"What a perfect place for a toddler’s birthday! They are amazing, so helpful, and all around sweet as well as caring! Everything was perfect and beautiful for your little miracle! She had a blast and so did our family and friends. We can not wait to come back and play! Thank you so much fun-town playground!!!!!" - Elizabeth F.

"My little ones only 8 months but had such a fun time, they have so many options for the kids and something for every age! i was so happy to see they had a changing room AND a separate room to breastfeed your babies! amazing." - Breanna D.

"My granddaughter had a blast last week! Her favorite was the ball pit!" - Kim S.

"Thank you for having us! My girls had a blast and didn’t want to leave! We will definitely be back again." - Tiffani L.

"The best thing that has happened for little kids and parents in Leesburg, thank you guys! The magical place you have created will forever be in them. We love Funtown 🥰👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼" - Holly S.

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